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There is nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work and seeing a beautifully landscaped property that is the envy of all your neighbors. At Bayridge Landscaping, our team works hard to make your property the best looking one on the street. For more than 30 years, we have been the Kingston landscaping company; families trust to deliver beautiful landscaping projects complete with high quality landscaping materials on time and on a budget. We offer a wide selection of services to help meet your landscaping needs. If you are interested in landscape construction, we have compiled photos of some of the recent interlock patios, retaining walls, and gardens we have built. We also offer ongoing property maintenance services like lawn care and snow removal and have attached photos below of our staff hard at work.

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  • Connect Landscape Design
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  • Davis Landscape Architecture
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  • Chambers Landscape Design
  • Build Your Dream Backyard in Kingston and Surrounding Areas
  • Characteristics of the Master Program of Landscape Architecture in Kingston University London
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Infinity Landscape Design Group

It's easy to neglect your landscape in favor of exterior home improvements. But even the most gorgeous home designs need a stunning landscape to really help them shine. Complement your home with the help of a leading local landscaping contractor. The team at Dewitt Mills Landscaping has over 15 years of experience designing and building custom properties in the Kingston, NY area.

We specialize in bluestone patios, custom fencing , masonry, stonework, and vibrant landscape designs. Work closely with our landscaping company to own the show-stopping lawn you've always wanted. Call today to get a free estimate on custom masonry work or landscaping. You can count on us for: Patio, walkway and retaining wall installation services Hydroseeding services Wood fence installation services Landscape design services From stylish outdoor entertainment spaces to serene and relaxing flora designs, there's nothing we can't handle.

Reach out today to get started with a consultation. Searching for a local landscaping contractor you can trust to handle complex projects with ease? At Dewitt Mills Landscaping, we separate ourselves from the competition with: Experience - our team has been working in the industry for over 15 years Customer service - we offer free estimates and detailed 3D landscaping software so that you can review every detail before we get started Results - our local landscaping company has countless satisfied clients throughout the Kingston, NY area You'll enjoy open and honest communication from start to finish.

No surprises and no hidden fees - just quality work that can't be beat. Contact Us. Our team has the knowledge and experience to complete a wide range of landscaping projects.

Connect Landscape Design

Our team of professional installers will make your. We pride ourselves on our professional image. In every project — large or small — we work toward mature,. Whether your needs are personal or professional, our team at Western Landscaping is more than prepared to bring beauty to your door step.

You can review the designs and ask questions of the project team on the City's Get Involved Kingston engagement site. Construction on the east-shore landscaping.

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The development plot is currently occupied by eight existing dwellings and their associated gardens. It is approximately square in shape with existing dwellings and their associated rear gardens to the north east; south east; and south west boundaries. Its north west boundary fronts onto the busy Leatherhead Road. There is a significant level change across the site, rising up approximately 3m to the rear of the plot from the Leatherhead Road. There are a significant number of existing ornamental trees within and just outside of the plot boundary. Due to the existing site topography it was decided that a lower ground floor parking would be located at the Leatherhead Road frontage, beneath the private patios. The levels from Leatherhead road to the main courtyard space was therefore carefully considered to ensure they could accommodate vehicles and provide a safe DDA compliant route for pedestrians. At the heart of the scheme is a courtyard space. This feature has been designed to intercept some of the surface water runoff from the paved areas and is an integral part of the site SUDS strategy. The Leatherhead Road elevation and boundary condition was carefully considered by our landscape architects.

Davis Landscape Architecture

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Work with Chelsea Garden Designer, Michelle Brown to understand how to make best use of your outside space and develop your garden design skills and techniques. After completing this course you will be confident in assessing gardens, spotting potential and creating beautiful design ideas.

Derue Designs Home & Landscape Design

Taylor Wimpey West London have recently obtained planning approval for two zones of the wider Wellesley Development at Aldershot, Hampshire. The Stanhope Gardens proposals will bring forward new high quality homes within the wider military regeneration Several mature trees on a popular walking route at our Monksmoor Farm Country Park site, were identified for removal by the Arboriculturist. The country park is a landscape extension to a houses development in Daventry, nestled The new development consists of flats, Maisonettes and mews houses.

Chambers Landscape Design

Serving all of Eastern Ontario. Vorster Eliason Landscape Architects. We are a licensed practice prepared to meet all your landscape architectural needs. With over 30 years experience, VELA has worked on a wide variety of projects from planning to planting, from public spaces to private gardens. Our collaborative approach with other professions inspires innovative landscape designs and workable solutions. Commercial Meet Municipal requirements Plant and tree cover improvement Support for planning applications. Recreational Ensure a safe environment Meet municipal requirements Design for all age groups Increase accessibility Encourage connections to nature Design with Native Plants.

Wildscaping: An introduction to ecological plant-driven design In this workshop, aimed at homeowners, landscapers, parks employees, you'll learn about.

Build Your Dream Backyard in Kingston and Surrounding Areas

Merri has gained unique expertise both through her formal education in Interior Design, Landscape Design and Horticulture, and by working with diverse clientele here and overseas. See about us for more details. Our landscape design services benefit a wide variety of clientele. To see how green space design can help you with your next landscaping project, check out our design services page.

Characteristics of the Master Program of Landscape Architecture in Kingston University London

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Stone Ridge Landscapes, we are your local landscape design and landscaping construction company. We believe integrity, thorough planning and hard work are the keys to providing the best customer experience. Through collaboration with other service providers we are able to bring our clients a complete outdoor service; from masterful stonework, gardening, lighting, excavation, tree care to design and installation. We are dedicated to bringing your landscaping vision into reality.

Find the right Landscape Architect or Designer company, contractor, or installer for your project.

Imagine combining the beautiful elements of interior and landscape design in one place. Let the experts from Christies Landscapes bring the best outdoor inspirations right where you live. No matter where you live in Kingston, ACT, whether in traditional homes or huge suburban houses, landscape design will always be a valuable component in creating modern lifestyles complemented with plant variations and architectural themes. And Christies Landscapes knows exactly how to bring out the brilliant ideas in your mind. Our landscape experts possess a diverse range of technical skills related to landscape and structural designing, enabling them to produce exceptional craftsmanship for all types of landscaping jobs.

Our experienced landscape designers can transform the look of your exterior so that it upgrades your property while increasing its value. Whether you would like to install water features such as garden ponds or small waterfalls, you can look to us to make sure your landscape looks its best. We work with the layout of your property to create the most attractive, aesthetically pleasing landscape design while maintaining the functionality of your landscape.

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