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Landscape designer liverpool

There is a striking ‘looping’ pattern of river valleys throughout this area. There are also many unusual rounded hills, which were created by landslides caused by the weight of the glaciers. These large erosional scars can often be seen from the road, although there are a few that are now covered by new forest.

Despite the clear and bright sunny skies, the majority of the landscape around Hocken has a subtle colour, and there is a very distinctive mood that accompanies the landscape. This mood of quiet, peaceful tranquillity is also reflected in the topography of the landscape, as the dramatic peaks and ruggedness of the landscape combine with the beautiful rolling hills of the valley. This serenity is perfectly illustrated by the Deadwater Valley, which as the name suggests, is the final and most permanent drop in the river, and is a paradise for wild flowers and plants.

The region around Hocken, although steep, is clear and easy to navigate, and during the Autumn months, a lot of the walks follow established routes which gives clear and distinctive views of the river, and offers a restful stroll for those tired by the journey.

Merespool Visitor Centre

The Merespool Visitor Centre, originally constructed in 1956 by Hocken Urban District Council is a local landmark. It now houses the information centre and many historic photos and exhibits, and is open to visitors daily from 9am to 5pm. It also houses the open-air cinema, Merespool film and theatre, and is known for its exhibitions and the number of people that gather together to watch classic films, either there, or on a seat around the small but breathtakingly beautiful Cairncleuch Loch.

Vista Cafe

A short stroll from the Visitor Centre, the Vista Cafe is the perfect place to eat, while watching the film. Known to many as the'show and tell' spot of the area, this friendly and relaxed café, serves tea and coffee and a delicious array of locally made cakes and pastries. The garden is a perfect place to eat alfresco and enjoy the view. The Merespool shop can be found opposite the Visitor Centre.

Hocken Ranger's Visitor Centre

Hocken visitor centre is a popular local spot, and is the perfect place to base yourself whilst exploring the woodland and marshland of the locality, or while admiring the rolling river valley and dramatic peaks of Hocken Mountain. The centre is run by volunteers, and also run a rangers programme through Hocken District Council. A network of trails, as well as a few boardwalks over marshy areas are maintained around the Centre. The local rangers run regular walking days and information events, giving the opportunity to learn more about the local history and wildlife of the area.

Other Activities

There are several activities available in Hocken and the surrounding countryside, which include:-

* Mountain biking – (there is a regular group of bikers who use the trails around Hocken)

* Fishing – (there are public rights of way that lead to good fishing on the numerous lochs that are found in the area, which may be visited by the public at no cost)

* Golf – (there is a nine hole course situated beside the Tamar)

* Canoeing – (there is a network of canals that are found in the area, which offer a very pleasant way of exploring the landscape.

* Horse Riding – (there is a pleasant local stables close to the main Hocken road.

* Birdwatching – (there are plenty of different species to be found close to Hocken, including robins, tit’s, wagtails and blackbirds to name but a few)

* Cycling – (there are trails close to Hocken that are suitable for mountain bikers and cyclists)

* Walking – (there are numerous walks around Hocken, and some of these are shown on maps, where they lead through the surrounding forests and hills)

* Fishing - (there are some good fishing spots close to Hocken)

* Horse riding – (there are several stables close to Hocken)

* Canoeing – (there is a network of canals that are found in the area, which offer a very pleasant way of exploring the landscape.

History and Heritage

At the start of the 1800’s Hocken, (or is it Hockeen?) was a thriving village with a population of around 400. The population of Hocken was around 500 in 1790, and the population was still in Hocken at the turn of the century. The village grew quickly, and Hocken, much like the majority of small towns of its day, was a very social place, and is reflected in the local records. Whilst the main focus of Hocken life was the businesses based in the village, the town also had a daily paper and a weekly publication, and many a busker or children would make their way through the streets, playing games or singing, whilst carrying their collection of collected coins.

Whilst the village grew slowly over the years, it is interesting to note the main industries of the time. These included:-

Wood working – A wood mill was situated close to the mouth of the river and was in operation from the early 1800’s.

Mining - There are two recorded miners in the locality from the mid 1800’s onwards, and at one point, this village had up to four small gold mining operations.

Manufacturing - The village of Hocken, particularly near the river, was a hub for the farming community, and was well known for its work with ropes. Hocken had numerous rope merchants, who set up small businesses in the nearby towns, where they set up large workshops, and whose name would be found on maps, signs and in local records.

Agriculture - In addition to the men of the village, who used the water from the nearby river to grow crops, Hocken was

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