We make a house for squirrels with our own hands from a log and edged board

The reason for purchasing a suburban area is often the desire to leave the bustle and stress in the city, be closer to nature, relax, breathe fresh air. If the site is located near a forest or park area where squirrels are found, friendship with these funny animals can bring many pleasant moments. Squirrels are curious and friendly animals that often settle near human habitation, if they do not see this neighborhood as a danger to themselves. A do-it-yourself squirrel house will be that manifestation of care and attention that the animal will undoubtedly appreciate.

Step-by-step construction of a squirrel

The choice of material for a comfortable home

The small rodent has its own predilections, which should be taken into account when choosing material for the future house. In nature, squirrels prefer to settle in the hollows of oak or coniferous trees. This wood should be preferred. You can make a home from birch and aspen, but this is a rather risky choice. If a house for a squirrel is built from poplar, then such a structure will definitely be empty.

Squirrel is a cute animal that will be grateful to you for a warm house

The principles of creating a home for a rodent

A squirrel is an animal with a character that manifests itself even depending on the area in which it lives. American squirrels are disliked by local farmers because they pose a serious threat to corn and grain crops. There, the persecuted rodents show amazing livability: even a cardboard box, a bucket or a plastic container lying around in the attic of the house can become a house for them.

Domestic squirrels are proud and picky, but the biker feeder attracted attention

Domestic squirrels are proud and picky. How to make a squirrel house so that it is not empty? It should be borne in mind that each individual needs personal space, although squirrels prefer to settle in families. Therefore, the best option would be a two-story house with an internal partition.

When creating a house, toxic and odorous materials should not be used. The more natural the product, the more chances that the animal will want to live here. There is no need to build a house that is too large - the squirrels can freeze in it. It is better to place moss or cotton wool from an old mattress inside the dwelling - the squirrel will plug unnecessary cracks and equip a cozy nest.

Necessary tool for work

Before work, you should prepare the tool so that everything is at hand.

  • square for cutting;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • hacksaw for wood;
  • drill;
  • ballerina nozzle;
  • sandpaper;
  • screwdriver;
  • odorless waterproof glue;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • pencil.

Now you can get to work.

Using edged boards

To build the simplest, but quite convenient for squirrel housing, you need a three-meter edged board 30 cm wide and 1.8 cm thick.It is enough to keep a drawing of a house for a squirrel in your imagination, because there is no particular difficulty in the proposed design. You can verify this if you consistently perform the following steps:

  • measure 55 cm of the board and saw off the workpiece: you get the back wall of the house measuring 55x30 cm;
  • on the back wall, you need to mark 5 cm from the bottom and from the top - these free parts will come in handy in order to attach the house to the tree for them;
  • the side walls should be cut in such a way that two parts 45x25 cm come out;
  • for the device of the internal partition, a part of 20x25 cm is cut out;
  • the top cover of the house should be 30x30 cm, and the bottom - 25x30 cm;
  • two small boards are useful for making a porch;
  • in the upper left part of the facade, using a ballerina, make an opening for an entrance with a diameter of no more than 7-8 cm.

As you can see, it is possible, without resorting to drawings, to make all the details of the future house. Now all that remains is to assemble the structure itself. All parts of the home must be carefully processed with sandpaper so that the animal does not get hurt. First, the base of the house must be assembled with glue, and then, making sure that everything is in order, fix it with self-tapping screws. If the glue has a strong and persistent odor, do not use it.

Stages of building a squirrel from edged boards

Using a log to build a house

Houses made of logs are more reminiscent of squirrels of their natural habitation - a hollow, so they settle in them with pleasure. The log needed for the construction should not be less than 40 cm in diameter.

  • saw off a wooden circle 4 cm thick - this is the roof of the future house;
  • the next detail is a log 40 cm long, which will form the basis of the dwelling;
  • a cavity should be hollowed out in the log so that the thickness of the bottom and walls is about 3 cm each;
  • make an entrance, nail the roof of the house and attach a thick branch for the porch at the entrance.

Such a squirrel looks natural, so there can be no problems with matching its plot design.

This type of squirrel looks natural and matches any design

Features of the installation of the finished structure

The finished squirrel does not need to be varnished and painted - this beauty will only scare the squirrel away. In addition, the natural is always more attractive and more durable than the artificial.

Five meters from the ground - a height that provides the animal with a sense of security

When installing, take into account:

  • five meters from the ground - a height that provides the animal with a sense of security, so you should not place the squirrel below;
  • the entrance hole should be oriented to the east or, in extreme cases, to the south;
  • take into account the most frequent direction of the winds in your area so that the entrance to the house is not blown out;
  • It is better to screw the house than to nail it: take care of the trees.

Now that the house is ready, expect furry neighbors. Little Trick: Setting up a trough near the house can greatly reduce your waiting time.

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How to make a house for a squirrel with your own hands

If your country house is located near a forest and a park area, then you probably noticed that squirrels live there. Quite often, these beautiful creatures will appear on your site in search of food, and therefore we advise you to make a small house for them, in which they can easily live all year round.

In order to get started, you will need:

- drawing, draw all the necessary details yourself, with a description of the dimensions. For those who don't know, squirrel houses are very similar to birdhouses, only there should be internal steps. A full-fledged house should consist of a bottom, roof, facade and side walls, the minimum dimensions are considered 30*30*50.

- the material from which your home will be built, it is best to use wood for such work in order to bring your house as close as possible to nature. So you have a better chance that the rodent decides to settle in it.
- prepare a simple pencil, hacksaw, skin, nails and a hammer.

Getting started:

According to your drawing on a sheet of wood, apply all the necessary markings using a pencil for this. Cut with a hacksaw. Finish every detail with sandpaper. In order to get rid of small chips. Connect all the parts together and do not forget about the entry hole.

Thus, all you have to do is find a place to hang it. If you do not live in a country house all year round, but use it as a summer one, then it is best to hang a squirrel for a summer residence closer to the edge of your plot, which is closer to a forest or park. The fact is that this way you have more opportunities for a rodent to settle in it. You should be very careful about the height of the location of your building. Try to bring your house as close as possible to its natural environment, and therefore hang it as high as possible.

In order for the squirrel to feel safe, try to feed it, of course, don't expect an answer from it right away, but over time it will get used to it and you can even stroke it.

What does a squirrel house mean?

The forest version of the squirrel dwelling is a hollow, in terms of functionality it can be compared with a multi-room apartment. It:

1. Storage for food (pantry with supplies).

2. Maternity hospital. Squirrels give offspring twice a year.

3. Kindergarten. Squirrels stay with their mother until 3 months of age.

4. Protection from bad weather and enemies.

In winter, squirrels can still clump in groups, but in the spring it is time to have children, so each individual goes to look for and equip its own home. This is the time of natural selection. Stronger animals privatize the already inhabited hollows, driving their former owners out into the street. That is why it is necessary to put feeders for squirrels and not be lazy to build housing for them.

No carpentry talents - head to the store. There you can find squirrels of any model: from the simplest analogue of a birdhouse to multi-storey cottages. However, the choice should not be based on the beauty of the architecture of the squirrel dwelling, but on the material and workmanship.

What a good squirrel house should be

"In natural conditions, they inhabit oaks and coniferous trees, therefore, it is necessary to collect just this kind of wood for a house for squirrels."

Squirrels are quite capricious and demanding of the proposed housing, therefore, when deciding to buy or make a house for a squirrel with your own hands, you should consider the following tips.

1. The poultry house is constructed of wood and only of wood. No synthetics. Animals will never settle in plastic, plastic, tin nests. Moreover, not every tree is recognized by them. Under natural conditions, they inhabit oaks and coniferous trees, therefore, it is necessary to collect just this kind of wood for a house for squirrels. In the absence of such material, you can take a chance and make a squirrel from aspen or birch. You should not try to use poplar wood or fruit trees for this purpose. Squirrels will not live in such houses, even with the most elegant layout.

A house for squirrels should be made only of wood

2. Regardless of where the squirrel will be located: on a tree in the garden or in a home squirrel enclosure - you should not try to ennoble it by covering the boards with varnish or paint. The artificial smell will scare the animals, and they will not come close to such a habitation.

Do not coat the house with chemicals

3. The desire to make the life of animals chic is commendable, however, when building a house for squirrels with your own hands, you should still adhere to the recommended proportions. The little animals will be much more comfortable in the compact improvisation of the hollow than in the royal chambers. The optimal parameters of the house are 55x40x45 cm. As for the size of the manhole, it should not be made more than 7 cm in diameter.

Recommended sizes of the squirrel house

The choice of materials is also relevant for the design of the squirrel feeder. Here, too, you cannot use any improvised items, such as popular plastic bottles, cans and other things.

Whole squirrel: how to make

You can also make a squirrel from a single piece of wood. To do this, you need to take a piece of log from wood of the type that is typical for your region. Squirrels love to settle in conifers, oaks. At the same time, they avoid houses that are made of aspen and birch. Poplar squirrels are completely unsuitable for squirrels.

We'll take a pine stump. To do this, we need to choose a pine log at least 40 cm in diameter. Saw off a circle with a thickness of 4 cm from it. This will be the roof of our squirrel house for squirrels.

After that, a piece of log 40 cm long is sawn off. On one side of the piece, a hole is hollowed out of the size that will be enough for the squirrel to live. The thickness of the side walls is 2.5 cm and the bottom is 3 cm. An inlet is cut from the side. The lid of the house is nailed. That's basically it. The squirrel is ready.

For a two-story squirrel made from a single piece of wood, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. two circles with a thickness of 4 cm are cut out.This is the roof of the second floor and the bottom of the first floor
  2. a piece of log 75 cm long is sawn off
  3. from both end sides of the log, it is hollowed out along the hole to a depth of 35 cm with a thickness of the side walls of 3 cm
  4. the roof and bottom are attached
  5. two inlets are made at the required height.

Solid wood squirrel huts fit more naturally into the garden design. Squirrels love to settle in them. These are practical, durable and warm houses that will become a real home for forest dwellers.

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