Décumaria - sowing, planting, nurturing

Décumaria, a beautiful fluffy climber ...

Décumaria, if you do not know it, you will learn to love it, with its volubility, its long stems up to 7 meters, its thick, resistant, glazed, often curved foliage, of a beautiful bright green, and long. ten centimeters. Flowering is a flash of light in the garden, the flowers are gathered in corymbs - a sort of ball of flowers - like light snow crystals, motionless in equilibrium. Decumaria is easy in the garden and quite perennial, it clings to supports thanks to its aerial roots and produces its flowers throughout the summer with a little hydrangea air ...

Botanical name:

• Decucmaria barbara

Plant info:

• Cycle: Perennial
• Foliage: Lapse or persistent
• Hardiness: Hardy plant (-15 ° C)
• Family: Hydrangeaceae - hydrangeaceae
• Harbor : Climbing port
• Exhibition: Sun and partial shade
• Ground : Fresh and rich soil
• Sowing:
• Plantation: Spring
• Flowering: June - September
• Rooting: roots
• Cultivation area: See hardiness card: France or Quebec
• Origin:
• Honey plant: little
• Edible plant: No


• Quite hardy plant.
• Shiny, elongated foliage
• Flowers appear on the shoots of the year.
• Coryb flowers

Décumaria: what are the advantages of the garden?

• Easy to grow plant,
• Beautiful shiny green foliage,
• Pretty inflorescences
• Accepts partial shade and sun exposure,
• Summer flowering,

What exhibitions?

Sun and partial shade.

What soil?

• Rich and fresh soil

Method of multiplication:

• Cutting

When to plant

From of the month of april

How to plant decumaria?

In the ground

• Work the soil to loosen it without turning it over.
In heavy and very heavy soils, lighten the soil with sand and sufficiently deep potting soil.
• Make holes to accommodate young plants every 2 to 3 m depending on the density chosen.
• Scrape around the root ball to free the roots if necessary.
• Place the plants.
• Recap and tamp with the mixed garden soil.
• Water so that the decumaria plants take root well
• The plant appreciates rich and cool soils.

Interview :

• Remove faded flowers.
• Keep the soil cool
• In cold regions protect the foot during winter.

Flowering period:

• Summer, from June to August.


• The flowers are white-cream and are grouped in a highbush
• They are generally quite small in the shape of a daisy.


They are few ...

Décumaria sinensis: Its leaves are wider and shorter. They are darker green and have a finer bloom.

What to plant with?

• Plant decumaria with hydrangeas.
• At the foot of an old tree in the garden, decumaria will wrap around its branches to lend it the liveliness of its flowers.
• Mixed with other climbers: clematis, honeysuckle ...

Use in the garden:

ATa garden:

• On a wall, an arbor, a fence, an old tree….

Without garden:

• In a large pot, where watering should be monitored, and where a creative trellis or stake should receive the branches.

Illustrative photo taken from species.wikimedia.org by Peganum shared under CC-3.0 license

Quick sheet:

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