Gardeners' holiday in the recreation center "Suzdalsky"

On Tuesday, October 20, in the Suzdalsky recreation center of the Shuvalovo-Ozerki municipal association, a holiday summing up the results of the past summer season - "Gifts of Autumn - 2015" was once again held.

Taking into account the difficult weather conditions of spring and summer, which led to a shortage of harvest of some heat-loving crops, the organizers of the holiday - the management of the Suzdalsky Palace of Culture - decided to expand its program. In addition to the main competition for the gifts of Nature, i.e. the exhibition of the best specimens of vegetables and fruits, as well as preparations from them, was also announced an exhibition of photographs reflecting dacha life in all its aspects.

The members of the clubs "Green Gift in Suzdal", "Smile" and "Louise" who gathered for the holiday, came to the concert hall and laid out their competitive expositions on a long table. And it turned out that even unfavorable weather conditions, or rather, lack of heat and sun, did not prevent some gardeners from getting impressive harvests of vegetables - potatoes, various onions, garlic, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, Jerusalem artichoke, pumpkins, crooknek ... And even corn! There were fruits and berries - apples, grapes, strawberries, sea buckthorn, jam and marshmallow.

In the middle of the table there is a composition consisting of a beautiful bush of hot pepper, which was dotted with numerous red peppers, and dogwood branches, also dotted with scarlet fruits. The composition was supplemented with the last of this year's fresh cucumbers, picked three days before the holiday, soaked Chinese apples, a coffee tree and a bottle in which vitamin berries were originally laid. It was created by Galina Ivanovna Fomicheva.

The most impressive composition was that of the author of our magazine L.V. Rybkina. She even came up with a name for it: "Some samples of import substitution with their products and harvesting from it"... These samples were represented by large potatoes, leeks, white, red and common onions, large peppers, tomatoes, garlic, eggplants, radishes; there was also a photograph of a ripe artichoke bud, which Lyudmila Vasilievna grew and grew for the first time this season. Melons ripened in her beds, the cultivation of which she mastered several years ago. One melon complemented the composition, as well as preparations for the winter - eggplant and beetroot salad.

And, of course, Lyudmila Vasilievna presented there a bottle of semi-dry apple wine of her own production. Everyone who has ever tasted this wine or her other drinks gave them the highest marks. She is a true master winemaker. She revealed her experience and technologies for obtaining dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet wine and tinctures from the juice of berries and apples on the pages of the magazine "Flora Price" No. 6 (182), 7 (183) in the article "You can't get drunk with your own wine ...". Anyone can get acquainted with it on our website. And it is no coincidence that the jury, which this time was headed by the student of the famous L.N. Klimtseva - Lyudmila Nikolaevna Golubkova - recognized L.V. Rybkin the winner of the "Gifts of Nature" competition. It should be added that Louisa Nilovna, who died in June, was commemorated by all the gardeners on that day with the kindest words. “She is with us,” they said.

The chairman of the jury L. Golubkova, as well as a year ago, presented for the competition a magnificent collection of onion crops - the Elephant F1 leek, the Exibishen F1 onion grown from seeds, and the onion grown under winter planting. Archery garlic and huge apples complemented the composition.

Prizes, which were prepared by the directorate of the House of Culture, were received for their harvest: G.V. Lazareva, G.D. Grebenko, M.A. Dyundina, G.P. Sokolova, M.D. Litvinyuk, E.S. Podgayskaya and other participants of the competition. There were many prizes. And for a long time, to the applause of their friends, the gardeners took the stage.

Then the jury summed up the results of the photo competition. And again L.V. Rybkin. She won in the nomination "Native Land", showing all the beauty of the surroundings of the village, where her garden is located. In the nomination "My 6 acres" G.P. Sokolov; in the nomination "This is my village!" - G. D. Grebenko; in the nomination "Country Leisure" - G.I. Fomichev. She showed that gardeners not only work hard in their beds and in the garden, but also know how to have an interesting rest. Kozlova M.A. received a prize for the photo composition "Gifts of the Forest", and G.V. Lazarev - for the composition "Flowers - the decoration of the dacha".

During the holiday, the gardeners were pleased with his songs - lyrical and cheerful - Alexander Belov. The performances of this artist fell in love with all the participants of such celebrations, and this is not the first time he has been invited to the "Gifts of Autumn" holiday.

E. Valentinov

Photo by the author

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