Veldt Grape


Cissus quadrangularis (Veld Grape)

Cissus quadrangularis (Veld Grape) is an unusual succulent plant up to 5 feet (1.5 m) tall, with quadrangular-sectioned branches with…

Veldt Grape - garden

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Succulent vine with tendrils, fleshy 3-lobed leaves and quandrangular 4-winged stem and grape-shaped leaves 2 inches long (5 cm). The flowers are also typical of the grape family are greenish white and come at the end of the summer. A good basket plant. Cissus quadrangularis is an indigenous medicinal plant of India. The use of this plant by the common folk for promoting fracture healing process is an old practice. The plant extracts may improve the healing rate of connective tissue in general, including tendons. It also possesses analgesic properties.

I have a question regarding Cissus quadrangularis. I heard this plant helps healing broken bones, joints and so on. But what part of the plant can we eat? Is it the leaves, or the fruit (these little red things)? Thank you for your time to respond.

2021 Cissus quadrangularis - Veld grape

Veld grape - unusual succulent vine with tendrils, fleshy 3-lobed leaves and quandrangular 4-winged stem and grape-shaped leaves, used medicinally to help fractures heal faster. Good for hanging baskets.
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Plants→Cissus→Veldt Grape (Cissus quadrangularis)

General Plant Information (Edit)
Plant Habit: Cactus/Succulent
Sun Requirements: Partial or Dappled Shade
Minimum cold hardiness: Zone 10b +1.7 °C (35 °F) to +4.4 °C (40 °F)
Maximum recommended zone: Zone 9b
Plant Height : I have seen this plant climb trees like the "Queen of the Night Cereus", out through the branches and weeping down.
Plant Spread : as far as you are willing to let it crawl!
Leaves: Evergreen
Fruit: Showy
Flowers: Inconspicuous
Flower Color: Green
Other: The flowers are celadon colored, ranging from white to yellowish with a green hue. They produce small red berries which resemble in size and appearance Holly berries.
Bloom Size: Under 1"
Flower Time: Late summer or early fall
Underground structures: Taproot
Uses: Medicinal Herb
Resistances: Humidity tolerant
Toxicity: Other: edible
Propagation: Other methods: Cuttings: Stem
Containers: Suitable in 1 gallon
Suitable in 3 gallon or larger
Suitable for hanging baskets

Cissus quadrangularis, also known as Veldt Grape, is one of the most unusual plants in my garden. I have it contained in a hanging basket, but when a piece is knocked off, it will readily root on the ground. Cissus prefers to climb and will wind its way into the tree limbs if allowed. In early fall, the plant has small insignificant white flowers and, occasionally, small red berries that are are sterile.

The plant, Cissus quadrangularis, has been used as a medicinal plant since antiquity.

I grow this plant from the middle of September to the middle of May in my (glass-roofed) greenhouse (and/or sunroom). Minimum temperature in the greenhouse is set to 65 degr F, maximum set to 70 degr. but will be higher on sunny winter days. This plant spends the summers outside in NJ zone 6b.
It is a fast grower and small pieces root readily.

My plant is 4 years old and in a hanging basket in the filtered sun of a Vitex tree. Presently it's in the growing season and each branch gets about 1 inch longer a week. The pot is full of branches that got over 2 feet that I've broken and just thrown back in the pot. They root very easily. Here in zone 9 I only bring it into my garage for protection when winter temps drop below 38*. It's only bothered by an occasional snail that makes it up the tree to the pot and gnaws at it. It's not pretty, but interesting just the same and part of my succulent collection.

Watch the video: Veldt grape, Devils backbone, adamant creeper Cissus quadrangularis

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